Road and coastline on Mallorca in Spain

Escape the cold and get active on Mallorca!

The colder months of the year are here in Europe again. Some of us are looking forward to winter sports, whereas some of us could do with some more sun and warmth before the next year. So let’s check out what you can do on Mallorca and Menorca in Spain this winter!

How about kayaking or hiking around the island of Mallorca? The average temperature is most likely way higher than in northern Europe between November and Februarry, so here is your chance to squeeze in an active adventure with water sports or just leisurely hiking around in a warmer climate.

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Menorca instead of Mallorca?

If you are a fan of hiking and want to check off a really inspiring trail that is worth telling friends and family about, check out the Camí de Cavalls trail on Menorca.