Horse carriage

3 ways to enjoy a long weekend and explore more

Just because you are going for a long weekend trip, you do not necessarily have to stay idle on location. Check out these ways to explore a city and its surroundings with active fun.

1. Rent a bike and go where public transport can’t take you. Figure out where the parks and bike trails are, decide on a couple of pit stops for lunch and dinner, and you have a day of adventure ahead of you. Chances are that you will stumble upon sights that many travellers don’t, when you explore a city by bike.

2. Find a tour guide who is a local and learn something different by seeing the city from the local’s viewpoint. In this day and age, there is curiosity for the local history and cultural activities that make the place unique. Are there any tours that stand out with a different means of transport, like a horse carriage? Or why not a tour by sports car. If you look, you may find that there are more extraordinary ways to see a city than expected.

3. Explore the city by foot. As an exercise, you can try to find areas of natural wonder that are not on tourist maps. You may well find that there are restaurants, statues and buildings out of reach from the city centre, but which are still a treat to visit. Extend your curiosity’s reach by asking the hotel staff and maps to find those gems. If you are really keen on walking far, then make a loop around the places you want to see, and of course the restaurants where you want to try the local food.

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