Castle ruins at sunset

Thousands have tried these puzzles about European culture and history.. Why not you?

Let’s start with cities in France and Germany that are recognized World Heritage sites.. Find 10 cities in France and Germany that have World Heritage sites.

Now, what do you know about the old towns in Spain, besides all the tourist destinations? Let’s check what you know about these old towns in Spain?

There are many festivals with traditions that goes back for centuries. Let’s see if you can find them..

Castles are one ingredient of the past of Europe. The countries in Europe have castles near and far, some are famous tourist attractions but others are still relatively unknown to travellers. What do you know about medieval castles? Test your knowledge in this quiz!

The Romans ruled most of western Europe for hundreds of years in antiquity. Did you know that many cities have existed as far back as when the Roman empire existed? Let’s see if you can guess the Latin (Roman) names for cities that we still have today.