Night train in Berlin

The comeback of sleeper trains in Europe!

Innovation is thriving to enable people to go on vacation. And it turns out that an age old concept is very well suited to holiday travel in Europe – The sleeper trains.

In 2016 several sleeper train services were discontinued, but now this travel form by rail is being revived throughout Europe.

People prefer to fly less these days and the arguments for holiday travel by rail and road are mounting. Whether it is for environmental reasons, time to travel or looking for a more authentic experience, sleeper trains has something to offer for all.

The route between Brussels and Vienna will be started in September. Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB) now offers night trains between Hamburg, Berlin, and Munich. Also, Düsseldorf southward to Austria and further south to Italy.

Similarly, the Swedish company Snälltåget will increase the number of night trains on the line between Stockholm, Malmö, Copenhagen, Hamburg, and Berlin. This route will connect some of the largest hubs in Europe.

In addition to the above routes for sleeper trains, the sleeper trains between Paris and Nice will resume.

For all the holidaygoers who want to experience Europe’s nature while travelling, sleeper trains will be a welcome investment.

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