Picasso on a mug. What'll it fetch? A quid?

Picasso in 1932. My 22 quid in 2018 in a museum in London

His art doesn’t speak to me. I understand that this is an academic’s way of saying, sorry I don’t like your art. Or, even more bluntly, I prefer Donald Duck.

I find myself in the Tate Modern museum in London, The United Kingdom. The museum has a solo exhibition of Pablo Picasso’s work and this is what I have worked up excitement to go and visit. But not long after entering the exhibition, I conclude that the titles of the paintings and the actual motifs are not the same (in my eyes). And what’s up with the recurring motifs? No need to seek approval and understanding by painting them over and over.

Tell me, when you were in the backseat of your limo having scored 56,000 Francs for a painting (about 39,762 Euros in 2015, according to Historical Statistics), a wife and son to support and a mistress on the side, it must have felt like the world was at your feet?

1932. That was a hectic year for you, wasn’t it, dear chap? You created a plethora of art that year. Yet, you didn’t have a mobile phone with social media notifications distracting you as you feasted your eyes on your mistress while your wife stood by you. Instead, you dodged several large scale installations where you were the main guest. Very artistic and nonchalant, old chap. I’m sure many art students note this habit to express themselves by simply, well, not showing up at classes.

An apartment in Paris and the country chateau in Boisgeloup. Well done, old man! Still, I don’t get your art. You felt the fame, though, as you sought refuge in the converted stables in that chateau, sometimes to paint..

I find it more amusing in a museum to watch the women wearing black dresses and steel rimmed glasses, and men wearing awful striped jackets. They put footstools in front of the paintings as they begin studying your art, as aware of the other guests as of your art.

You did well. The exhibition in London also cost me 22£ in entrance fees and I had media’s definition of the typical artist confirmed: A mysteriously artistic person, slightly aloof and not too pleasant to his following, that creates something only a few (claim) to understand.

To each his own and all that. It’s safe to say that Picasso added to the world of art and European history with his art.

But £22. Man!

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