Tomato and pasta

Ever thought of restaurant traditions in Europe? Let taste experiences take you for a trip

When Hostel World published an overview of traditional European food, several treats made it into their list of 14 delicatesses in 14 European countries. In their top list we find Currywurst in Germany, English breakfast, and Goulash in Hungary, to mention a few.

But wait a minute! What about the culture surrounding restaurants in the different countries. We all know how the treatment differs in restaurants depending on the country, and also depending on where in a country you decide to go for a meal.

For a more complete overview of European cuisine, you might want to spend some quality time with the European cuisine entry on Wikipedia. Expect to spend an hour or two there so prepare something to eat before you dive in. :)

The Food Network lists 230+ pages with European recipes. Whether you are keen on trying out the Swedish Limpa (rye bread) or Black Forest cake, you are bound to find inspiration for your letting taste experiences take you to places – Well, at least in your imagination..

If food imagerry is as important as the actual food to you, then you could head off to Yummly for the 10 best European fish main dishes.

So you see, there are plenty of options to dream away to different places, before you even pack your bag and head out on the road!


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