Dachshund chilling on the beach.

It is time for Christmas markets and relaxation before the new year

The end of December is here and we are looking forward to Christmas. Soon enough the new year will be here, but before that take a moment or several to just relax over the holidays. If you are still looking for a travel adventure for the holidays, then here are two magical destinations with a Christmas atmosphere.

A cozy Christmas in Bruges?

Venice Impressions.

Puzzles for the quiet moments during Christmas

Here below are a few puzzles for the quiet moments over the holidays – Find inspiration from some travel quotes uttered by historical characters.

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Did Mozart, Vivaldi, and Bizet travel green to their concerts? An absurd thought experiment to pass the time. “Eine kleine nachtmusik. Carmen. The four seasons. Live music on Munich’s Viktualienmarkt in summertime. Underneath the terrace where I’m sitting, people are walking by, and I can hear bicycles with the familiar popping sounds of the bike spokes, as they pause the pedaling and roll on by. And then, a violin.”

24 hours in Østerport for the traveler looking for peace and quiet in Copenhagen. “Osterport is only a couple of stops away from the Copenhagen central train station. It is so short you could walk it. This is a perfect calm area for the business traveler looking for focus and with some possible outings nearby.”

Going with a hybrid car through BeNeLux is a real option for holidaymakers. “A trip across Western Europe from the north by the English Channel, to the south coast of Spain, might be too much for one charge for an electric car. But what if we narrow the focus and look at a few smaller countries that are bordering one another, such as Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg)?”

Visit the Altes Museum in Berlin and invigorate your mind. “The timeline of the Altes museum tells a story that piques my interest as much as the Greek, Etruscan, and Roman sculptures that are on display inside the museum. This building has been around and seen a lot. The expression ‘if only walls could talk’, sums it up very suitably.”