Marienplatz in Munich on a summer day

Visit a festival in April and May and celebrate the arrival of spring

Nature is beginning to blossom and it is getting warmer around Europe. At the same time, we are nearing a prime festival season with several highlights, from north to south. Let us take a look at a few festivals that are less known – But still exciting to visit!

Spring festival in Munich

In Munich, spring is celebrated with the Fruhlingsfest from end of April to May, 21 April – 7 May. There will be live music and delicious food. This spring festival lasts for almost two weeks. Since its inception in 1965 it has grown to attracts tens of thousands visitors every year. Check it out on Theresienwiese in Munich. There will be a parade with people traditionally dressed and an opening ceremony to start the festivities.

The Seville April Fair

In Seville, there is a fair between 23 April to 29 April, so it starts a couple of weeks after the so-called Semana Santa (Easter Holy Week). The fair is held in the Real de la Feria, the fairground outside the city center. Expect hundreds of fair stands and bold colorful decorations and lights. For those who are into equestrian sports, there will also be a horse parade with decorated horse carriages. Explore further from the fairground to find the street parties that start up somewhat randomly in the city.

Seville on a hot day

Joan of Arc festival in Orleans

This festival celebrates the woman who liberated Orleans in medieval times. For ten days, there will be parades and a medieval market at Campo Santo. Also, a light and sound show makes the festival a truly memorable event. The festival starts on 29th April with an award ceremony and the parade through the Burgundy Gate. The following days there are scheduled music performances and various ceremonies and tribute show to Joan of Arc. This is an event not to miss if you are the slightest interested in French history and also seeing reenactments with traditional clothing. Fun fact: This year is the 594th edition of this festival, how’s that for the longevity of a festival.