Lake and trees during winter

Welcome December and winter season

We are approaching the end of the year. As is customary, we take a look at what you might have missed lately on EuropeZigZag, maybe an odd piece of fun or reading that could inspire you for your coming holidays and road trips.

Maybe you are planning to go skiing in the Alps? Then this puzzle about French skiing resorts could give you some ideas on where to go.

As autumn turns into winter, the warm colors of the third season of the year also turn into bright white. Forests and fields are coated in snow which can yield that extra sparkle during hiking, snowshoeing, and skiing. There are still places where you can take in the beauty of the autumn colors, check out these nine places to see the autumn colors in France, Germany, and Spain.

Canal cruises and water sports are popular on the many canals that run through Europe. Are you able to enter the correct names of European canals in this puzzle?

The region in western and south-western Germany has several gems to see, and it is very suitable for a road trip with exciting stops within an hour of each stage of a road trip, starting from Frankfurt.