Snowshoes and ski pole

Have you tried snowshoeing?

Snowshoeing has been around for thousands of years, and Inuits and Native Americans used snowshoeing to get around in the winter. Nowadays it is used both for recreation and as a sport. If you fancy exploring scenic winter landscapes without rushing past them on skis, then snowshoeing could be a fun way to get around.

Where to do it?

Here in Europe there are a few areas that are very suitable for this sport because of the cold and the high probability of snow. The Alps and the Nordic countries have mountains and landscapes that freeze to well below zero in wintertime. In particular, you want to consider countries like Austria, Switzerland, Norway and Sweden. All four countries have landscapes that look stunning in wintertime, which is an added benefit to your snowshoeing adventure. For the latter two countries, you will have to travel far up north to be sure to have snow.

How to get started

You can usually find snowshoes for rent where there are ski equipment rentals. With snowshoes at hand, dress up in the typical attire you would for a day in the outdoors in winter (read: Warm and dry). Also, some prefer to use ski poles or walking sticks to improve the balance. When it comes to the clothing, wool or synthetic socks will help to keep your feet dry and warm.

Old-fashioned snowshoes

Fitness benefits

Snowshoeing is a great cardiovascular workout! You will also build muscle with this low intensity workout. Add to that the building of your balance, since snowshoeing requires a constant balance act when walking over more or less deep areas with snow.