Zugspitze mountain peaks in Germany

Castles, wine, and the upcoming skiing season

It is October and one of those funny months when we look forward to the upcoming skiing season in northern Europe. At the same time, we have not quite forgotten the warm months of summer, and there are still warm days to be found in late October here and there. With autumn holidays approaching for some, sun vacations and road trips in the south are very much in demand.

Lately, we looked closer at castles in Europe, with a list of ten castles in France and Germany one will be happy to add to their road trip itinerary. But as we know the fascination for castles is widespread, and with this puzzle, you can try to find some of the oldest castles in France and Germany.

Winter season 2022-2023

Winter is fast approaching and in a couple of months the skiing and snowboarding season takes off. To celebrate that fact, this puzzle tests your knowledge of the Alps. Another related puzzle from the past is this puzzle about ski runs in Europe.

Wine harvest for 2022 in Europe

The wine harvest in autumn is coming to a close, check out this puzzle to see if you know some facts about winemaking regions.