Village on Tenerife

Try something different in Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest island in the group of Canary Islands. If you stray away from the beaches which are so popular, you might just find a travel adventure that beats lounging on the beach.

Try the cable car to Mount Teide

Did you know that you can ascend to the top of the mountain Teide? With a cable car, you can easily take in the view of Tenerife from above. Make sure to bring your camera, as this ride is sure to set the scene for some truly magnificent selfie photos (don’t forget to show the surrounding landscape behind you though :) ).

See the beach.. From the water

You know, if you want a different vantage point of those beaches that you really like hanging out on, then kayaking might just be for you. The marine life on Tenerife is pretty cool, and you might get to see dolphins and sea turtles up close.

Anaga Rural Park

There are guided tours in the Anaga Rural Park which is located in the northeast corner of the island. This park really covers a great deal of the island, so you would miss out if you don’t go there for a hike. The diversity of the landscape might come as a surprise. The Canarian ecosystem has both wet and dry climates depending on where you go. With over 10 official routes for hiking, you are sure to find an area that you fancy exploring. For instance, the El Bosque Encantado trail does not require any special skills and takes about three hours to complete. This route is only just under seven kilometers long. Make sure to request a permit to go there, as the number of visitors per day is limited.

More to do in Tenerife!

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