Berlin in Germany, at sunset

Visiting Berlin? Don’t miss out on these activities

Visit the Berlin TV tower and take some stunning photographs of the city. The Fernsehturm Berlin has a 360 degree view of the city. If you visit it at sunset you will get an even more spectacular view as the golden hour shows the city’s skyline in an even more impressive light.

Museums aplenty!

Visit the Museum island. Here you can visit the Pergamon museum, the Bode museum and the Neues museum. All three are worth spending hours in to appreciate their art collections. In particular, the Pergamon museum is one of the most famous museums in Europe, but if you are more into sculptures then the Bode museum is the right choice. For Egyptian art, check out the Neues museum.

Tiergarten’s five kilometers of fun

The Tiergarten in Berlin is the park that locals as well as visitors visit for a relaxed time away from the city streets. Here you can enjoy some local culinary specialties such as the beer and sausage. The park is almost five kilometers long and structured as a circuit. Needless to say, you can spend plenty of fun time here!

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