Idyllic forest

Enjoy a hiking adventure in a forest in Denmark or Sweden

Denmark and Sweden are more accessible than many think. On top of that, both countries have vast areas of nature just waiting to be explored. Whether you want to go to forests, see lakes, or head into forests, you will definitely find what you are looking for. Let’s check out a couple of nature areas that are particularly easy to get to if you want a hiking adventure during your stay in Denmark or Sweden.

Rold forest in Denmark

The Rold forest is Denmark’s second largest forest that covers 80 km2. This is located in North Jutland and the forest has ancient beech and pine trees that stretch high up in to the sky. And of course this adds to the feeling of the wild forest as you go hiking there. Moreover, there are marked hiking routes of varying difficulty.

Åsnens national park in Sweden

This national park in southern Sweden has unspoilt nature with plenty of uninhabited islands. The entire national park stretches over forests and lakes with islands. The easiest is to enter the park from the east side via Sunnabron or Bjurkärr. From there, you can go on day hikes in the wild nature that defines the region.

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