Scenic lake and shore

Virtual tours and exhibitions – Explore Renaissance paintings and see Switzerland online

Check out the Grand Tour of Switzerland that gives you a tour of the country’s nature and scenic cities. Just pick your starting location for this tour of 22 lakes, 5 Alpine passes, and 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and lean back while you scroll through the landscapes of Switzerland. You are able to click on points of interest to see more photos and get to know the places more in detail. All this with a nice tune playing in the background.

Why not go for a virtual tour in the Hall of the Dynasties and the Galleries of Sixteenth-Century Venetian Painting. Le Gallerie de Uffizi brings back the Renaissance to modern time with this virtual tour of its Venetian paintings. You can navigate around the museum’s corridors and look at the paintings as well as read their information plaques.

Thes two examples show some various culture and travel tours to enjoy from the comfort of your home, enjoy your virtual exploration of these corners of Europe.