Hiking in the mountains

3 virtual video tours of the Alps plus a virtual bike ride

The Alps can be an elusive dream destination. Many want to go there but it can be a bit of a challenge to go there and have enough time to really take in the breathtaking scenery. Let us check out the following selected virtual video tours of the Alps made by different travellers and dream about spring and summer in the mountains.

Greg Whitton’s video of the Alps, with Austria and the Italian Dolomites.

That video is dreamlike without a doubt, and should inspire you for your future trips to the mountains. Now let’s check out a scenic clip made with a drone and mobile phone, that shows highlights from a trip in Alps, in France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Gaëtan Piolot presents The Alps in 4K with a drone and an iPhone X.

A very fine selection of highlights! Since it was also based on a trip, you might as well start thinking about which of those locations you want to visit yourself.

Now let us climb higher! To the top of Matterhorn, in fact, as we check out stunning footage from high up in the sky around the mountain Matterhorn

AirPano VR presents Matterhorn on the border between Italy and Switzerland.

Okay, it is finally time to indulge ourselves with amazing scenery in the Alps and take the opportunity for a virtual bike ride! The video below is a thirty minute long bike ride. Now that is a perfect opportunity for you to participate in yourself if you have a fitness bike at home.

Indoor Cycling Videos takes you on a ride in South Tyrol.

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