Traveller with backpack, ready to go exploring!

Encouraging words to my 20 year old self at the age of 40 – Why it is so important to go exploring

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Why haven’t you already gone on a long trip around Europe?

I have so much I need to do. My studies, my girlfriend, I have so little money. I’m already 20 years old, I need to hurry up to become an educated professional.

But you have time, relax a bit. It’s okay not to know what you want to do. 20 years is no time, as I write this, I’m 40 and something, and there is still time to explore!

I feel like everyone are already ahead of me, pushing for high paying jobs and their masters of science.

You are not them. Are you happy with pursuing what others are doing?

Well no..

What is stopping you from going..?

I feel at home here, my friends and family are here.

They will be here when you go travelling. Imagine everything you will learn about people and the world. Imagine the stories you get to tell, maybe also to inspire other people to go exploring.

I have enough to learn here in my home town.

Your home town will still be around. As you get older you will get more and more liabilities and responsibilities. The time is now, always now, to travel and explore. Try to step out of your comfort zone, and when you come back from your journey you will see your home town with a fresh perspective.

But I don’t have any money.

Okay, save up a little and find a job abroad. A simple job, just to get you started. Just find out which job you could possibly get, and go get it. Call them, email them, reach out to the companies.

I don’t know, it seems tough.

Yes, and it will be tough, but you will learn to appreciate it. It will become very fond memories, because of the simple fact that you fought on your own, you paved your own way for your own future.

I’m enrolled in university.

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So postpone your studies, stop taking a student loan. Get a job, get used to earning your money and then realize that you can do it abroad as well.

It sounds so easy.

It’s not easy. But the challenge will make you grow, and the rewards from exploring Europe and coming back home will give you satisfaction. And that satisfaction will stay with you forever.