Copenhagen in Denmark

Forget the Med this summer, check out Scandinavia. Or?

The Telegraph published their article listing Scandinavia as a viable alternative to the Mediterranenan for this summer’s travellers. If you want a genuine nature experience with few tourists far in-between villages and cities, do check out the tips mentioned in the article. Thanks goes to The Telegraph for the presented gems in the Nordic countries.

Let’s check out some comical facts, shall we.

“The sun barely sets”. Fair enough, if you travel far up into the north, a few nights every year the sun in fact does not set. But forget the beach bars, the warm humid air and the sound of inviting waves rolling up against the shore. Instead, prepare yourself for a mosquito inferno, and whatever you do, do not forget your mosquito repellent!

Beaches, yeah there are those. But don’t expect to be lounging on the beach and the occasional dip in a warm ocean, only to bask in the sun with a cold drink in hand. Can it happen? Sure, but we’re not talking regular temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius.

The article goes on to mention the World’s happiest countries, with Finland, Norway, and Denmark in the top. Let’s just add that many Scandinavians head to the Mediterranean or other similar climates for their sun vacation.

All this being said, why not surprise your colleagues this autumn, as you stand by the coffee machine describing your exploration of the Scandinavian wild during the past summer vacation. :)

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