Rail into the horizon.

10 reasons you should check out Europe by train

1. You want to have more than 2 weeks of fun

When you travel through Europe by train you need some more time on your hands. It’s different from a charter vacation where you are shipped to a location and concentrate on soaking up the sun, swimming in the pool and hanging around the bar. The saying that travelling is half the experience is certainly true for train travel through Europe! So if you have a couple of weeks to spare, chances are that you will appreciate a train trip in Europe more than lounging by a beach.

2. You are going to travel with someone special

Let’s face it. There are enough couples with photos of themselves by the Eiffel tower in Paris by now. Why not take photos of yourself and your partner in a bistro car, sipping wine and checking out the landscape outside? Picture late night with dimmed lights in a bistro car, like out of a proper film noir movie. Different, eh? Or why not combine a romantic getaway with destinations in one of the wine regions in France, or a visit to one of the coastal cities by the Adriatic. Europe with all its old cities is pretty much made for romance.

3. It’s spring and tourism season is starting all over Europe

When spring is in full blossom, people start moving around more. You will meet and greet plenty of people with smiling faces. They will be easy to approach with more sun hours and warmer weather around. Imagine meeting all these people on trains and at train stations, instead of being crammed into a plane, a car or a bus.

4. You want to meet people

Like already alluded to in the previous point, you’ll meet plenty of people on trains. Furthermore, there’s space to move around and hang out in the bistro car. And if you’re sitting in a couchette the setting is perfect to strike up a conversation. It’s a combination of several factors. You can move around freely, there’s usually a bistro car which serves as a natural meeting point, and you have people boarding and exiting the train. See it as a bar or café which is going from location A to B. You get to chill and meet people while travelling around Europe.

5. You are curious about the nature and landscapes in Europe

Europe has plenty of different vistas to be amazed by. There are mountains, lakes and forests that can leave you awestruck. If you fly over all that you’re missing out on a great deal of a European travel experience. Imagine looking out the window and observing rolling hills in the wine regions of France, or the mountains in the Alps. Take for instance the lush forests in Germany and Bavaria in particular. Continue further south to Italy and zip past cities that have a past from antiquity. Go north to Scandinavia, and see nature reserves with pine forests and lakes everywhere. The list is very, very long and you have contrasting options to cater for your tastes.

6. You want to get out of your comfort zone

If you’re stuck in a rut and want to let your mind expand as well as have a fun travel experience, then roaming around with trains in Europe can help you with that. Moreso than sitting on a beach chair, sipping drinks and splashing around in the water. Train travel takes you out of your comfort zone, but you can adjust how much it does just that! There are plenty of comfort options, such as first class seat reservations, or why not limit the distances you travel and increase the number of days you stay in different places. The flexibility enables you to customize the experience so that you get out of your comfort zone but still are able to enjoy it.

7. You want to do different things on your holiday

Nature. Sports. Beach life. Shopping. You can have all of this. Pick your destinations beforehand and decide on the amount of travel you are prepared to do. Then simply make your hotel reservations, and hey presto! You just created a unique travel experience, you’re your own travel guide and organizer!

8. You want to travel cheap

An EU Rail pass (Interrail pass) is around 200-400 Euro and for that price you will have a certain number of days of travel in entire Europe (the Global Pass). Conversely, if you buy a country pass you can focus on exploring one country alone. Whichever you choose, the rail pass price for transportation will be your largest expense for transport, and it’s not a big expense for the freedom that comes with it.

9. You want flexibility for time and locations

You choose when to go and where to go. Again, with an EURail (Interrail) pass you are the master of the itinirary! You decide how far you want to travel, when you want to travel, and how much time you want to spend in different cities.

10. You want to see places you can’t get to easily by plane

Sure, you could go by car. But then you won’t meet people. Also, trains tend to go to very cozy cities that are off the beaten path but still have interesting sights and activities. This is the ultimate way to be inspired as for small and interesting places, while still avoiding the most well-trodden tourist paths.

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