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When your InterRail trip takes a cloudy twist

Cloudy Twist
Cloudy Twist

You might not be able to get up in time to get to the central station. Hiking around Europe by train does wear you out and you will also stay up late in several locations to explore the nightlife. So what to do when you hit that snooze button too many times? Or, what if you make a last minute change of destination because the weather forecast has changed drastically? Let’s look into the options that exist when you travel with InterRail..

Many roads lead to Rome – A missed train is never the last one

Yes, the old adage goes “All roads lead to Rome”. But in the world of Europe train travel we are more interested in the rail network with all its connecting points from cities and towns. More often than not, you will have several connecting trains that go to the same destination, although you will have to count on some waiting time (that’s the price for pressing that snooze button..)

Don’t let the weather get to you – You have options!

The larger cities in northern Europe have plenty of connections in between themselves. Take for example Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Berlin, Paris, Hamburg, Vienna and more. If you happen to miss a train in either of these cities, chances are that you only have to wait a few hours before the next one departs. Alternatively you can take a regional train that takes you in the right direction although maybe not to your final destination. That is, if you even decided on such!

Sucky weather in Barcelona and Mallorca

In my case I wasn’t quite satisfied with the weather forecast in either Barcelona or Mallorca, both which I wanted to check out in early spring. Discovering this weather forecast while in Frankfurt, I decided to explore Freiburg first and have a think about where to go next. It happened to be Berlin which had some amazing weather my few days there! Spain can wait until the next train trip.

A flexible mind goes a long way

Don’t fret too much about missing a train connection or about the weather at the destination where you wanted to go initially. You can choose a different destination whenever you like and that’s the beauty of the InterRail pass.

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