Viktualienmarkt in Munich

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So why would you want to travel to Munich in the summertime?

After all, most of us know the city because of its Octoberfest which occurs in September every year but there’s so much more to know about Munich and Bavaria the region that the city is in for instance you have the nature you are very far southern Germany, and the Austrian Alps are only a couple of hours away to the south. In Austria, which is a stone’s throw away, you have the cozy cities Innsbruck and Salzburg.

Exciting tours around Munich!

Hearty food

Then you also have the local cuisine in Munich the reading is known for its hearty food including meat and potatoes and much more add to that the great variety of beers that are offered in the various beer gardens all put together you can see how it will be easier to spend a few relaxing and fun days in Munich.

Goulash and Puntigamer in Salzburg.
Goulash and Puntigamer in Salzburg.

One of our best recommendations is to go to Munich but also combine it with a visit to nearby Innsbruck or Salzburg, both are cities inside of Austria. You can reach both cities easily by using a train there are daily train services that go to each city and in either of these series, you’ll find that you are enveloped by the nearby mountains, the Alps.

Don’t miss out on..

When you go to Munich there are a couple of places you do want to check out, one is the Viktualienmarket which is an old food market that has a rich history going back several hundred years. In addition to that, you also have the so-called English garden a green beauty set in the old parks of Munich there you can find benches placed very conveniently for you to sit down and enjoy a small picnic. At times there will also be live music with the street musicians choosing to perform around the park.

Munich has so much for the visitor to explore. Here are two highlights for the summer!

Viktualienmarkt, for the foodie and the admirer of local culture

A day with Greek, Roman, and Egyptian art? Well, then Glyptothek is a must!