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There are many reasons why you would want to travel to Malaga in summer

The city is in the very far south of Andalusia in the South of Spain. Malaga is also very close to places such as Seville and Granada. There are many reasons why you would want to travel to Malaga in Spain. Of course, you have the beaches but there’s so much more the culture is very rich when it comes to music food and just in general a very happy way of living.

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Combine Malaga with Granada or Seville

Some of the busiest months of the year in Malaga tend to be June and July but that doesn’t mean that you should refrain from going there instead try to consider how you can combine a trip to Malaga by visiting other nearby cities one example would be to go to Granada in the center of Andalusia or why not Seville that is northwest of Malaga.

Nocturnal scene from a tapas bar in Malaga, Spain.

For those of you who are into sports or an outdoorsy way of living there is much to do in Malaga whether you want to go kayaking sailing or mountain biking there is something for everybody.

Temperatures can soar in the summer

That might be one of the largest drawing points of Malaga that you can either go there for a peaceful holiday or to go there to go out enjoy sports and explore the region bear in mind however that during the summer months, it can get quite warm it is not uncommon to see 40°C there in high summer with that being said you might want to go there in spring or late summer or even in autumn.

Check out Costa del Sol by car

To travel around Costa del Sol that is the southern coast of Spain you really are meant to use a car especially because of the hot weather in the summer months but then there is also the question of simplicity sure enough you do have buses but it’s so much easier if you have a car that you can drive around and you become more flexible and you’re able to pop over to the smaller beaches that can be found here and there