Jazz saxophone musician.

Jazz festivals to include on your road trip in November

October is coming to an end. The autumn colors have already established a presence in the countryside around Europe and now we can look forward to jazz festivals in the last two months of the year.

Jazzdor in Strasbourg, France

Jazzdor has entertained jazz lovers for 30 years, in particular French and European jazz. This year the jazz festival in the heartland of France’s wine country is held between 10th November and 24th November. What makes this particularly exciting is that the festival promotes up-and-coming musicians as well as more established artists. Have a look at their program here.

Enjoy Jazz in Heidelberg, Germany

It’s the 25th time this jazz festival is organized so a noteworthy jubilee this year! The festival continues throughout October until 4th November. The motto of the festival is the joy of jazz, and we can certainly agree with that. Expect one concert per evening, so a fairly relaxed environment. Check out the program here.

The Zaragoza jazz festival

This long-time jazz festival began in 1986 and has presented some of the more famous jazz musicians from around the world. Check out the festival that is held between 16th November and 25th November, and the program here.