Scooter on the beach on a sunny day

What you missed so far during summer vacation

July is nearing its end and August is about to enter the stage. Summer is still here and we can look forward to at least another month of active travel and fun in the sunshine. Let’s check out recent additions on Europe Zig Zag that may you missed while you were out hiking, canoeing, biking or just having fun on the beach!

Where did that travel quote come from? Indeed, we continue sparking your imagination and inspiration for travel with a travel quote quiz. Also, if you like this one, you might recall the previous quiz about travel anecdotes.

The idea of becoming a travel photographer is a popular one. Who hasn’t been on vacation and thought about taking travel photography to another level? Check out this blog post about continuously improving your travel photography.

Aachen in western Germany may not be on many people’s bucket lists for destinations. But the medieval castles and very, very old villages in the region would certainly bring joy to anyone interested in old architecture, traditional food, and forests. That is why this blog post about Aachen and nearby Monchau was published recently. :)

Good old Costa del Sol in Spain is a hot destination this time of year – Not only the temperatures but also as a perfect getaway in the summer months. But what do you know about Costa del Sol? Try this puzzle and find out!

Finally, Eurostar has introduced more trains connecting London with the Netherlands as demand for European rail travel sees a strong upsurge.