Herd of cows in the French Alps.

The skiing season is in full swing with spring around the corner

We are already about to roll over from the first month of the year, and the skiing season is as busy as it gets. Do you know some of the skiing destinations in the French Alps?

Bavaria in Germany is also a prime destination this time of year, with the well preserved Bavarian Forest National Park. There are some areas to go cross country skiing in the Bavarian Forest National Park that you really don’t want to miss!

As a whole, the Alps in central Europe are quite attractive as travel destinations in January and February. But do you know how many countries and which countries the Alps traverse? Test your knowledge. :)

Soon enough spring will come knocking and with it, another region in Europe turns into a fun destination for those looking to go on active travel adventures – Namely the Ardennes with all its towns and villages!

Enjoy the skiing with long ski runs

Enjoy these weeks of winter sports, whether you are skiing, snowboarding or skating. And here is a puzzle to see if you know a few really long ski runs..