Dinan in Brittany, France

See the white angels of Camargue and Brittany from above

Do you know about the horse riding traditions in Camargue in France? In this video we get up close with the white horses of Camargue and the riding enthusiasts that nurture the age old tradition of horse riding in Camargue. A truly fascinating region where horse riding and the Camargue horse has been known since the 1500s. The horse breed has shaped the local culture and can still be seen today.

By the filmmaker Dennis Schmelz.

If you ever wanted to see Brittany after hearing of the natural wonders in the pristine landscape, then this video is for you. In a barely two minute long video you will see the wild forests and hear the sounds of the forests of Brittanny. Stupéfiant, as the French would say, stunning..

By Julien Hulin.

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