Street musician in Dublin.

3 signs that you missed out on your trip to Dublin for St. Paddy’s Day – And what you could do

You came for St. Paddy’s Day and you stayed in the Temple Bar area in the centre. You could barely point out where the Ha’penny bridge was, and you didn’t need to because you had had lodgings in a hostel in the Temple Bar area.

You can barely recollect that people talked about how the Irish often go away for the St. Paddy’s Day, but you didn’t ask how to get to places like Howth, Black Rock, Glendalough, or Ticknock mountains. When you came home and your friends asked you how St. Paddy’s in Dublin was, the story you told sounded like any booze up weekend away you’ve told them about before.

There is MORE to do and see!

So we have established that there is more to discover in and around Dublin. Here are a few examples..

The coastal walk from Bray to Greystones.

The Howth cliff walk.

A hike through the Glendalough national park.

Hiking or mountainbiking in the Ticknock forest.

You got this far and we have more goodies

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