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Why save an Interrail travel day?

The flexibility of the Interrail pass means that you can travel as much as you like for a certain period of time. But it also means that you have to take responsibility over how you use those travel days.

You don’t want to find yourself far away from starting point (a train station) with no travel days left to use.

So you need to cater for this. And this can be done by saving one travel day on your Interrail pass. Unless you have travelled to the other end of Europe, it is unlikely that you will need more than travel day.

Okay, excellent. It is not that simple however. You also want to think about the train departure times. And if you are relying on a high speed train, then you will need a seat reservation as well.

There you go! You’re well on your way to become a savvy Interrail traveller.

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