Welcome 2019!

Is it spring yet? Can we head out now?

It’s a new year and the satisfaction of Christmas food and New Year’s fireworks has slowly dissipated. Instead we look to a new year full of road trips and exploring Europe!

Where will you go? What will you see? And who will you go with? It’s time to start thinking and making plans. Something we all enjoy a lot!

Here are some tips for the new happy 2019!

Eurostar has become quite famous this last year! You can now easily hop on a train in Amsterdam or London and zip past country borders and under the English channel. How about that for a way to spice up your European road trip adventure?!

If you haven’t tried glampacking, the more comfortable form of backpacking, then let 2019 be the year when you try it out! Read more here..

Dublin’s St. Paddy’s Day is approaching fast, but wait just a minute! There is so much more to Ireland than a couple of days of booze and hanging around the Temple Bar area in Dublin here. How about a road trip from north to south, or the other way around? Read more here..

Finally, here’s a song to salute the new year, while appreciating the experiences from 2018.

Song: The Long Road, by Passenger

You got this far and we have more goodies

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