Maastricht riverside view

5 ways to make your visit in Maastricht a cultural adventure

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Limburg and its food and beer

The peculiar geography with Maastricht a stone’s throw away from Belgium and Germany has led to a very interesting and tasty culinary culture. Maastricht has been influenced by French, German and Belgian culture over time. Still today the city remains a popular weekend destination for French, Belgians and Germans alike. No wonder that the food with cheese, wine and beer draw from the traditions of those three countries. Enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner in the restaurants around the old town and you will soon see how easy it is to blend in with the locals. Chances are that if you try your Dutch and ask for advice on how to say something in Dutch, the staff in the restaurants will be more than happy to assist.

Cheese and mustard in Maastricht.
Cheese and mustard in Maastricht.

Feel the student vibe in this university city

As with all university cities, Maastricht is pulsating with energy from the knowledge hungry students. On the Markt (city square) as well as spread out in the small old town, you will find bars and cafes that cater to the atmosphere. There are plenty of options to have that well deserved glass of wine or beer after your walks around the city, and chances are you’ll be amazed at the varying interior design. There are old rustic bars, more like taverns, as well as modern design cafes and restaurants. Somehow the Limburgians have achieved a mix of old and new that is cozy and easy to mix in with.

Craft beers in Maastricht. Take your pick!
Craft beers in Maastricht. Take your pick!

Take photos with historical vibes

Surely you have heard of the golden hour? That brief period of time at dawn and dusk when you can get some stunning photos. Now, with the proper motifs you are ensured to take those photos that make your friends drool with envy and go “Waaaah”. Check this out.

Statue in central Maastricht
Statue in central Maastricht

D’Artagnan, the real person

Yes, D’Artagnan existed and he was a musketeer. There’s a statue of him in Maastricht since he was lost in battle there. Although his life was far from what the novels with the musketeers describe, he still lived an exciting life in the 17th century. That century was marked by several European conflicts which the French, and hence D’Artagnan, was part of. After decades as a musketeer and the French guards before he fell during the siege of Maastricht during the Franco-Dutch war.

Immerse yourself with the locals and find out why Maastricht and Limburg is so different

Limburgians are quite different culturally compared to the Dutch in Noord-Holland. Not quite sure? Well, have a chat with the locals as you try out the food and drink in the restaurants. Maastricht is not completely swamped with tourists which has led to a more relaxed atmosphere than tourist capitals. One aspect that the locals enjoy highligthing is that they are in Limburg, the southernmost province in the country, which led to contrasting cultural traits over the centuries.

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