Sunny day in a marina in Hamburg, Germany

What to do in Hamburg

Check out these fun activities in the harbor district of Hamburg!

“But when the sun comes out in Hamburg, it does so with fanfare. The cranes in the docklands stand proud as the light reflects off their strong beams of steel. Like a blushing of the red brick buildings as they welcome the sun. When the sun is out in Hamburg, smiles abound. People walk with determination, and the jolly moin can be heard clearly as people greet each other.”

Hamburg when the sun is out

Check out these fun activities in Hamburg

Puzzle about Hamburg

But hey, don’t forget about Travemunde, a cozy little seaside village north of Hamburg.

“It is best to dedicate a full day to a day-trip to Travem√ľnde. This small fishing village also has ferries departing to Scandinavia, a hint for those who want to continue their exploration to the north.”

Hamburg for a day and Travem√ľnde the second.