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Rear view mirror showing beach in Cannes, France
Rear view mirror showing beach in Cannes, France

The temporary newsletter in May will focus on destinations and activities.

Check out these four questions, and share your opinion on what a perfect road trip looks like to you.

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1. Which of these countries do you prefer to explore on your road trip?
2. Where do you want to spend more time on your road trip?
3. How long would you prefer that your road trip in Europe will last?
4. Which method of travel do you prefer?

Get inspired with practical road trip information in May

In May I will publish a weekly newsletter (four emails, weekly in May) with practical advice for methods of travel, things to think about when it comes activities and place (cities and nature). By signing up above, you will receive that newsletter that only happens in May. Yeah, that temporary newsletter is entirely free and will contain practical advice for how to make your road trip in Europe a success. :)