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I’m the guy running this travel blog. Come join the ride as I explore Europe on a regular basis.

Europe Zig Zag

A couple of years ago I began to share the enthusiasm for rail and road travel in Europe via EuropeZigZag.com. I want this blog to be a source for inspiration for travellers who are keen on exploring what Europe has to offer. Whether it’s activities, cuisine or sights.

It’s been a couple of years and thousands of people have liked the EuropeZigZag Facebook page. I’m putting in a substantial amount of time to improve the web site, which means: To provide the information that you gentlemen, ladies, guys and girls are looking for. While at the same time striving to maintain the EuropeZigZag.com tone and (attempts) at irony and humour.

Europe Zig Zag is a blog that’s meant to put a smile on your face and make you feel enthusiastic about your trip to and around Europe. Let’s say it’s a site that wants to give you positive vibes.

You’re the reader. You’re in focus.

Europe Zig Zag is here to share tips and tricks for road trips in Europe. With road trips I mean any trip that involves travelling by wheels. So whether you’re going by train, car, bus, bicycle, or longboard – It’s all road trips! (I actually know of people who have travelled through Europe by longboarding)


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