Rooftops in Innsbruck, Austria

A day in Innsbruck with good food

Updated on: 25th March 2023.

Innsbruck is the gateway to the Tyrolean Alps and a go-to destination for skiing, but some of us are just keen on a city weekend close to breathtaking nature. Let us take a look at where to eat around the Old Town of Innsbruck when you visit.

Let your eyes feast on the view of the river Inn and a strudel

Just after you cross the bridge Innsbrucke to enter the city, you are greeted by a handrail and a bicycle path. It is a well-picked entrance because if you look back you have a view of the surrounding mountains and the colorful houses that line the river bank. The mountains are enveloping Innsbruck in such a way that wherever you look, they rise high and frame the horizon with peaks and troughs. If you instead cast your glance down from the Innsbrucke, you see the turquoise water. The resulting color palette should appease the most demanding travel photographer. Start your day with a local delicacy in Strudel Kafe Kroll, a family business since 1976. You will find it on the shopping street Maria-Theresien-Strasse in the Old Town. There you can have a strudel and enjoy the waking of Innsbruck, as the locals drop in for their breakfast or cup of coffee before the day begins in earnest.

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It’s all in the name as they say and the taste of their strudel filled with spinach and feta cheese deserves its mention in the name of the cafe. Visit the café early in the morning or just before lunch to avoid the lunch crowds.

Strudel Kafe Kroll


Old Town in Innsbruck on a sunny day.

Lunch or dinner in Ottoburg, the late Gothic tower by the Innsbruck

Ottoburg has been around for a long time and many centuries back it was part of the entrance to the medieval Innsbruck. Those were the times when the city was crossed and inhabited by many people. And they were many, from the Romans and their Veldidena military camp to the French troops of Napoleon. But this also played an important part in medieval trade. In antiquity it was part of the trade route Via Imperii which passed through the Brenner pass, effectively connecting Italy with Austria, Germany, and all the way to the Baltic Sea. It was 1800 km long and stretched from Rome in Italy to Stettin in Germany, and Innsbruck like a pearl on a string connecting Italy with northern Europe.

Fine dining Tyrolean style in Ottoburg

Today you can still see a hint of its medieval past by looking at its fortress-like architecture and the red-white shutters. First mentioned in 1476, the tower that the restaurant is in, was once part of the Innsbruck Castle that began its story in the 11th century. This tower was also the northern entrance to Innsbruck. Some twenty years after it was rebuilt. The red-white-red shutters hint at medieval and heraldic origin. To this day, some of the interiors are retained, such as the cross and star vaults.  Visit Ottoburg and have dinner in the restaurant serving Tyrolean cuisine.

Ottoburg restaurant


Mediterranean breakfast Manna Innsbruck

Visit early in the morning for breakfast, try their hummus breakfast, or why not the Vegan avocado that should appeal to vegans and omnivores alike. If you are there for lunch, try their low-carb meals including trout or chicken breast curry. You can find this cozy place on the shopping street Maria-Theresien-Straße so it makes for a great combination with shopping.

MANNA INNSBRUCK Delikatessencafé