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Five joyful songs from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Portugal – Say welcome to July and your summer travels!

Summer is here! July has arrived and with it the beginning of many vacations around Europe. Now what is a vacation without some upbeat music to listen to? Check out these pop classics from France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Portugal! Turn up the volume and have a phenomenal beginning of July!

Sous le ciel de Paris, by Edith Piaf

This French song may of course be known regardless of the season. Edith Piaf’s song has struck a chord (pun intended) for decades before and will continue to do so for decades to come.  “Sous le ciel de Paris” describes the Parisian lifestyle in so many words, and it translates into under the sky of Paris. The imagery brought forward by the lyrics and the sweet voice of Edith Piaf is unique. Check it out here.

Un’Estate Italiana, by Gianna Nannini

Yes, how about a summer in Italy? This song performed by Gianna Nannini is just about that, an Italian summer. It was the official song of the 1990 FIFA World Cup, which made it an even greater hit among sports enthusiasts. Listen to it here.

Nur geträumt, by Nena

Now here is an upbeat pop song about longing This song is sung by the artist Nena and definitely has some 1980s vibes and invites you to sing along. Check it out here.

Porompompero, by Manolo Escobar

This Spanish song is an expression of love and cultural traditions and is set against the singer’s association with Madrid and Barcelona, it gives you an idea of the rhythm and life in these cities in the 1960s. Listen to it here.

Mestre de Culinária, by Quim Barreiros

Okay, let us get really cheesy! This song is about single life and is humorously sung by the Portuguese artist. He starts with “I’m single and a good guy”. As the singer continues by describing himself as a master of culinary arts in the lyrics, we learn about his shortcomings and desire to improve his cooking.