Writing postcards

When I gave postcards another chance

What to write in a postcard to send back home? What can I write that’s just not better to say using instant messaging?

Session 1: In a cafe, on location

This is the first attempt so let’s make it count! Right, pen at a ready and write away.. I realized years ago that what I really found droll to read in postcards, was a) the temperature where the sender was vacationing, b) elaborate descriptions on food to eat, c) and the pure joy of sitting in a beach chair with a drink. This is especially dreary when you’re not on a sunlit beach yourself.

Okay, check, check and check. None of those dreary comments then! So, what to write then? With all the instant messaging since years back, we have been able to share chronicles as we are living them! To zoom out of that realtime reporting takes some effort. So I need to pick a few entertaining anecdotes to share in past tense. Gee.. That means summarizing and picking out something that actually is interesting, not the random banter that flows back and forth in instant messaging apps on a daily basis.

Phew! But now, having spent a couple of minutes contemplating what to write, it’s time to put the pen down and enjoy the moment. I say it’s important to stock up on some fun moments to have something to talk about (= procrastination). Yeah, that’s right. Note to self: Have fun to have something to tell! Atta boy, good plan.

Session 2: At home when back from the trip

It took me two more days before I picked up the postcards to continue writing them.

Those half-written postcards would glare at me every night as I pushed them ever so slightly further away on the nightstand. After a day (and night) out on the town, sitting down to write postcards just wasn’t that high on my wishlist. And let’s not go into writing on them during breakfast, I’m too busy munching away on toast and having coffee then.

But, after these two days I had stocked up on some fun mental notes that I wanted to share. So I found time during day to jot down the notes on the two postcards. Observations on the local city life and the odd remark about past events shared with the friend the postcard was meant for. Still, why spend the time here to write this up and send it back. We could just meet up and chat then.. None of those thoughts, let’s just finish these postcards. It’s only two of them.

Session 3: In the commuter train

On my way to work, early morning, I decided to give this postcard-writing business a final go. Yeah, I had been back home for a couple of days and there I was, on my way to work. “Okay, this is it”, I told myself. I had about 20 minutes worth of penning down witticisms to round off my descriptions of fun times during my weekend trip. 5 minutes passed by, and it just wasn’t happening. Well, how about writing about the mere fact that I’m writing this postcard back in my home country and noting down facts about the merriment (not) to still be writing the postcard. Said and done. There, sign that and time to send it.. But wait, send it from my own home city?

Session 4: One day later. Sure enough you got the postcard!

Dude, I sent you a postcard. Got it? TL/TD, and all that. :) I actually don’t know about this postcard writing business, anymore. One thing though. Not only did I forget to send them from the city I was in. I dropped them in my mates’ mailboxes here in town. Ah well. I never said I had started sending the postcards.. Back to instant messaging.

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