Paris at night. By Beat Dietsch.

Excellent food meets stunning photos

We meet Beat Dietsch. Photographer, blogger, and teacher. He creates with his camera. He can also help you to create with your camera. This is how he enjoys bringing smiles to countless faces. This is how he can help you take photos and edit them to make them stunning.

Imagine yourself finding a photo online and going “Ohh! Now what did the photographer do there?” Beat wants to show you how. He runs his own blog and his own photo workshops. He does it because he wants to share his knowledge. His ambition is to teach you how to work with creative tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

He shows you how it’s done

Here is a man that wants to show, teach and hear what you think! He invites others to join him in the creative process. Look for yourself how he invites you as he critique his own photo.

He writes in his blog to discuss photography. This is only one way that he shares with people like you how to improve photography and postproduction techniques. With his blog and Facebook feed he invites you to travel with him.

The travels take him to far-flung cities and across landscapes. While he is on the road, he has a few simple keywords with him to create his art. Location. Picture. Post-processing.

His latest adventure took him to Paris. Here we see the magic unfold in his photo from Paris. The HDR effect is noticeable. Beat has the following to say about the food in Paris and how it inspired him as he did his night photography there, “Paris inspires me taking photos the same way, the French people serve their food: In a visual and tasting perfection!”

Let him share his know-how with you. Follow him as he travels around the world showing the reality he sees. Learn from his successes. Share the understanding of the creative process in his blog posts.

You have the chance to join him as he takes to the streets and vast landscapes with his camera slung over his shoulder. He can’t wait to have you along for the ride. Beat the drums, Beat. Take us to the next great photo opportunity. Show us how you work the camera and let us learn how to improve our own photos.

Join him for his next adventure here:

Photo credits: Beat Dietsch

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