River boat in Hamburg

Hamburg for a day and Travemünde the second

It’s difficult to pinpoint the charm of Hamburg. The harbour…

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A glass of Sauvignon Blanc

We are all searching for fun..

It can take a person, a place or a lost…

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Grey cloud

When your InterRail trip takes a cloudy twist

You might not be able to get up in time…

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Prinsengracht in Amsterdam

Take a boat ride in the Amsterdam canals

Amsterdam is known for them. Tourists flock to this city…

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Singing French chansons in the company of Jacques Brel.

The Motions of Paris in June

The Parisian summer climate is sticky to say the least.…

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Montpellier train station

Five Days InterRail Through Spain, France, and Germany

There is plenty to discover in Europe. And one of…

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Åre Dog Sledding

The Swedish Winter Idyll In Åre

Åre is halfway up in Sweden and attracts many Swedes…

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Outdoor whirlpools!

Wellness (almost) in Rotterdam

Witte de Withstraat is the most known street for going…

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Bruges tourist souvenirs

Back to Bruges

Bruges, So I’m back, with the difference that this time…

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Anyone up for a ride?

Venice Impressions

This is Venice. A collection of small islands and a…

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Old Town Facades in Cologne

Amazing Italian Food And Pieces of History In Cologne

Cologne is under construction. At least if you would draw…

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Canal in Bruges

Avoiding Couples in Bruges

They have a tendency to cluster by the small chocolateries.…

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One café of many in Groningen

Groningen for Gallantry

Groningen might fool you. It seems to be a quiet…

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Barcelona Gothic Quarter

Malaga to Barcelona (and well, Paris) by Train

I was surprised at the comfort of the train I…

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Bar Picasso

Lounging in Malaga

Malaga is right next to its more famous neighbour Marbella,…

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Art on Las Ramblas

Enjoying Las Ramblas in Barcelona

You want to check out the Gothic Quarter and hey,…

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Rovinj in Croatia

Istria in Croatia And Beyond On Wheels

We entered Croatia from the most northwestern border, where Italy,…

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